Born and raised in Montreal, Melissa Gentile has been creating exquisite wedding gowns since 2005. Inspired by her Italian and Portuguese backgrounds and her love for art and architecture, Melissa has a style that reflects romanticism and finesse.

Blending timeless elegance with stylish contemporary designs and lush details Melissa creates an enticing collection that radiates glamour and sophistication.

A true perfectionist at heart with a particular attention to detail are key elements that help Melissa Gentile create such beautiful gowns. A clean silhouette that is well fitted and well proportioned to the bride’s figure will always accentuate her best features while hiding her flaws. Well adorned but not overdone is her belief when it comes to designing.

Only a fine selection of luxurious fabrics such as Italian silks and delicate French laces are used to ensure the quality and comfort of every gown. Swarovski crystals and components are used in all our beadwork and embroideries. Each dress is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail and flawlessly constructed with the utmost care.

Quality should never be compromised… This is what the Melissa Gentile Couture label stands for.